Adventures of Papa and Peanut

By Danté Shalia Elkins

When a little girl named Peanut wants a day with her Papa, all she has to do is pick up the phone and ask. Papa can’t possibly say no to such an invitation, and so their day of fun begins.

This heartwarming book is a sweet story about the special bond between a little girl and her loving grandpa.

Inspired by the author’s own daughter and her Papa, the rhyming story brings their relationship to life on the page with over 25 full-color illustrations.

The book also includes bonus material about Utqiaġvik, Alaska, where the story is set. Join Peanut and Papa on their fun day together in Adventures of Papa and Peanut.

Adventures of Papa and Peanut by Dante Shalia Elkins

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Author Dante Shalia Elkins

About the Author

Danté Shalia Elkins was born in Oregon City, Oregon. She went to school in Molalla, Oregon, until the age of eleven. Her second-grade teacher, Alice Oblack, who passed away in 2001, gave Dante the passion to read and write.

For the past twenty-one years, Danté has called Utqiaġvik home along with her two little girls and puppy, Lola.

She loves hand sewing and resin art. The unique life in Utqiaġvik and beautiful imaginations of her children are what inspire her writing.

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